In 2008 Marcela founded a company and interdisciplinary show called “Tangomalambo”, featuring tango, songs, Argentine folklore, percussion, music and live painting.

Five powerful artists amazed and beguiled audiences with their technique, originality and theatricality through a series of masterfully choreographed dances.

The star of the show was the Argentine tango – its impassioned history from the Rango Arrabalero, through the milonguero, salon, vals, milonga, tango nuevo up to the tango show.

Accompanied by Argentine folklore, the ‘earth’s heartbeat’ for instance, ever present in South American body rhythm, the show featured percussion instruments, the malambo (South American tap dance) the zamba and the chacarera. Coming out of ‘dance theatre’ and contemporary dance tradition, each of the five artists who took part in Tangomalambo contributed a unique, magical style.

Painter and dancer Fernando Cabrera painted throughout the event. He and Marcela put on a unique, unforgettable performance which included painting in movement and contemporary contact tango.

The Buenos Aires Café Quintet Orchestra provided the music for this event: Cristiano Lui – bandoneo; Stefano Ciotola – guitar; Diego Fieni – violin; Annalisa De Feo – piano; Tiberio Di Fiori – bass) with tangos from the past and present in a captivating musical voyage through the heart of Argentina with the nuances of Marcela’s sensual, all-embracing voice.


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