El cuerpo

una vida de imagenes 

by Marcela Szurkalo

Mariano Navone, bandoneon, clarinetto e ballo
Luca Nostro, chitarra e effetti sonori
Videoproiezioni: Mattia Mariani

Photographer: Alessandro Gionni
Music by: Piazzolla, Bacalov, Bossio, Desplat, Califano.
Contact: Francesca Arcobello Varlese
Cell: +39 340 3484830
E-mail: f.arcobello@gmail.com

“El Cuerpo Show” is an interdisciplinary show that talks about immigration, human equality and diversity, travels and encounters, folly and freedom, personal research and changes of lives…in a narration of music, dance and live painting.

The show is created and performed using unusually theater spaces, proposing a unique dynamism, creating an itinerant path, sometimes placing the audience on stage and changing the common point of view of the public-artist relationship.

In a part of the scene there are antique luggages. From one of these, as well as from a video projector, images that travel through time are projected on floor, walls and on the artist’s body. The artist, through his movement, comes in, come out the images and takes part to the image contents.

The story is built using objects as big pieces of cloths, robes that remain on the scene as an artistic installation. During the show, with on unpublished music, collective drawings are created thanks the public involvement.

“El Cuerpo” moves from physical-theater through live music, singing, dance-theater, Argentine tango, tip-tap (Argentinian “malambo” folklore) concluding with an action painting, performed with dance and movement on a canvas attached to the floor.


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