In May of 2012 Marcela was asked by Biagio Antonacci to be his tango partner in concerts based on the unpublished album “Sapessi dire no” (“If I Knew How to Say No”). Audiences began to wait for the moment when we danced the tango, also because they were intrigued by the fact that Biagio knew how to do it.
It was so successful because “Can’t Live Without You” came out at that time, and the tour was extended to 2013 and played to sold-out at theaters all over Italy: the Palalottomatica in Rome, the Mediolanum Forum in Milan, the Pala Florio in Bari, the Pala Olimpico in Turin, the Palasport in Acireale, the Nelson Mandela Forum in Florence, the Pala Sele in Eboli, the Pala Mazzola in Taranto, the Pala Giovanni Paolo II in Pescara, the Pala Trento in Trento, the Pala Partenope in Naples, the Pala Sport in Verona, the Pala fabris in Padua and many other cities.

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