Courses in Argentine Tango with the “Marcela Szurkalo Method”

The “Marcela Szurkalo Method” is a synthesis of the various disciplines Marcela has learned and experimented with in order to teach Argentine Tango.

The lessons are divided into three parts. The first consists in preparatory exercises in rhythm, body communication, body placement, balance, posture and alignment, and then students are familiarized with what they will be learning that day. The second part involves working in couples, the man leading and the woman following. The last part consists in practicing what has been taught, with give and take between the various members of the class, beginning to enter into the philosophy and nature of tango as a social dance.



Thursday, 9:00 p.m. Beginners Class

Tuesday, 8:00 p.m. Intermediate Class (at least one year of study)

Tuesday, 9:30 p.m. Intermediate-Advanced Class (at least three years of study)

Ass sportiva “Sanlorenzina” via dei Sabelli 119, San Lorenzo, ROME
Info: 338 79 66 797 // 328 70 46 157.

Arco di Travertino

Marcela Szurkalo
From October 2017


Thursday 8:00 p.m Beginners Class
Thursday 9:45 Intermediate-Advanced Clas

Info: 3382406629 // 3387966797.
931 Club. Via Passo Corese 11, Arco di Travertino

Colectivo tanguero:

Marcela Szurkalo has created the “Colectivo Tanguero” that is a cultural project of Tango-Theather with a final show.
locandina tango teatro sett2017The Colectivo Tanguero is a group constituted  by common people that like dance tango or play music, artists and anyboby (no dancer, no musician) that is interested in taking part of it. Effectly the word ‘Colectivo’ means in Argentinian languages ‘bus’ where anybody can get in.
All people are involved in a laboratory of physical-theatre, improvisation and musical dramaturgy.
By this laboratory people can express his own physical and behavioral peculiarities that are used as theatral languages to create the final shows:
‘Naturalmente uguali…Buffamente diversi’
‘Tutti possono salire’  

The city of Rome, as  capital of Italian country, offers a lot of opportunities, nevertheless as many other metropolis in the word can be alienating for people and communities. Colectivo tanguero aims to reduce the distances between people retrieving deep human relationships by new creative ways: The creative activities are considered as an effective means to activate quickly a deep communication. In this way, all social formalism and  ‘masks’  disappear and the communication is facilitated and become more natural and immediate.

Furthermore, this way of working let neighbourhood identity is discovered and expressed.

On a different ground this approach permits to reach other specific objectives, for example in a small place, to overcome a closed culture that sometimes can be characterised by prejudices.

Colectivo Tanguero, facilitate the human relationship and socialization, overcoming social identity and sphere, age and personal culture.

The Colectivo aims to confirm the human equality and promotes the expression of diversity.